Welkom bij Sax & Stix

'New Amsterdam' te koop!

On Monday november 10th 2015 the Dutch duo ‘Sax & Stix’ will present their debut album ‘New Amsterdam’ internationally on the RM Records label. These musical omnivores have an insatiable appetite for adventure. The enterprising musicians have an impetuous edge, a cosmopolitan spirit and an open mind that they choose to focus on foreign cultures and shores. This description does not only fit saxophonist Eva van Grinsven and marimbist Ramon Lormans, who together form Sax & Stix since 2002, but also for the composers they selected for their album. Four Americans (George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Chick Corea and Ned McGowan) and five lowland natives (Louis Andriessen, Wim Henderickx, Peter van Onna, Misha Sporck en Peter Vigh) determine the discourse of the musical journey of discovery that Sax & Stix diligently dives into. The large variety of saxophones and percussion instruments allows Sax & Stix to individually color every composition and to convey their own cameleonic qualities.